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COVID-19 Chatbot | VIAFONE Technologies

COVID-19 Chatbot

VIAFONE Technologies COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is developed to create awareness, prevention, monitor and control the spread of this pandemic for government and health organisations.

The Chatbot can conduct a conversation with a person, through his / her favourite messaging service such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Government institution website live-chat, etc., guiding the user through each touchpoint.

The COVID-19 Chatbot creates awareness by examining the possibility of the virus being contracted based on the symptoms inquiry. It further prevents by providing users with an Alert message on WhatsApp by geographic region or unique segmentation. It monitors by sending push-notifications to track potential positive cases and act on valuable information. It controls the spread by giving permits for short-distance travel requests and allows Police forces to use WhatsApp number on their smartphone to verify the authorisation code and identity of the citizen.